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Skin care

Everyone wants to look their kind fab! Just a picture perfect skin, but has it ever occur to us that not everyone is god gifted with looks. No problem, whose asking us to complain to god. Let’s just focus on what’s more essential for our Indian skin. Well every girl loves doing makeup and if not makeup a liner, a lip gloss and a toner are basics. But, has it ever occur to us what should be our daily route map to clear skin? I’m sure most of us follow some of our grandmother’s hacks but frankly they are way too lengthy processes and we all tend to get lazy with never ending list of items.
So here’s a simple beauty guide to enhance your glow. Don’t worry everything is easy to go


For Daily Routine

If you are college or office going, every person likes to be anytime picture ready but sometimes less care can lead to skin damping from pollution and excessive makeup. First and for most task, remove your make up before going to sleep with a cleanser. Next morning, wash your face and at the gap of 10-15 mins apply a toner, a moisturizer and then apply sunscreen with SPF above 30. Sunscreens should never be skip, whether it’s summers or winters. Apart just focusing on applications, our diet needs to be healthy as well. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Also, add 3 servings of fruits and veggies to you diet.

Weekly Routine

Disinfect your phone regularly as it carries maximum dirt. Also change your pillowcase twice a week. Clean your makeup brushes and blenders regularly, as these can lead to acne and other skin related problems. Also, exfoliate your lips using scrub and is possible add body and facial exercise to remain young.

The golden rule for the millennium, never leave too early after watching skin hauls, let’s just be a moisturized person!

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