Why Do We Love Fashion Persona?

Today the century is crazed with love for fashion and hence have given themselves the tag of fashion freaks. When it comes to fashion and styling , each individual prefer to go for variety in our wardrobe. But before indulging any further, lets just talk about our preferences and the reason behind falling in love with fashion or why we are so influenced by it?

Do we actually know what fashion persona is?

Well lets just consider the fact, that we belong to a generation where fashion is more judged by number of likes or followers on our social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. People with crazy number of fan following make us believe, that person has great skills in styling, also few of them do believe that their face might be photogenic. Well lets just say its partly true. But that doesn’t mean that the other person who has less likes has inappropriate styling or is any less beautiful.

Fashion and styling

To start with the fact that beauty lies within the eyes of the observer. Few might also say what’s on the inside is more beautiful and for the record it might be true! We all know how we actually want people to view us as. So all the answers lie within ourselves, all we have to do is explore. There is a huge variety of fashion persona in one’s wardrobe. For some, modern classic denims suits well with button shirts or tank tops. While some like to accessorize themselves with silver jewelry inspired by a particular culture, few love vintage look while others create a magical touch with exotic dresses. Also, some people tend to embrace their urbanized look with sophisticated styling with a classic handbag and efficient look closing with sneakers.

Now to embark our actual question in this journey Why do we actually love fashion persona and why is it so popular?  

Just like food seems incomplete with the taste of spices, similarly one can’t follow same fashion all time. We always need some spice in us to make us stand out from the crowd. So the slack look or unpleasant dress can’t give you the confidence to enhance you personality. We always need to move with trend. So as to believe, if you are not bohemian look kind person not necessary you can’t experiment other types. Always find the savvy look that defines you.

P.S. Feel free to let us know why you love fashion persona and which persona defines your closet?

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