What’s Cooking New in Fashion Trends?

New buzz in town, now fruits aren’t just working in keeping us away from doctors, they are all over us now. I know you must be thinking isn’t this news old but, frankly it started with floral embroidery but now fruits are the ones imprinting. Starting from totes to peep toes it’s blossoming in huge demand. Well, in other words it’s the sweetest fashion trend in town making its own space within our wardrobes. It all started with Victoria Beckham’s street style trend jumpsuit following to cherry-strew swimsuit moving on to all personal accessories. What say about fruit-a-licious makeover?

Since, we all fashionistas know the trend keeps pacing around with the flash. Here’s to another vibrant trend of bodycon flashing around. Well, am not sure whether we are moving ahead in time or  the inspiration of fashion is heading backwards. Soon we’ll be welcoming 80s trend. With the toodles to new trend lets just welcome vibrating, neon and flatter green to our court. Not just bodycon, but leading from formal attire to very basic solo look skirts all are “neon-ing” in lively green and flattery pink.

Ps. Wait up with another round to catchy upcoming look to autumn-wintry collection look.

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